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ABC's of Styling

Updated: Mar 22, 2019

The official guide


Acne is caused by your genes, but the latest theory is that breakouts can be triggered (like migraines). Four common triggers stress, hormones, dairy and sugar. This is personal, try keeping a food log for a couple of weeks and notice if there is a pattern for breakouts or perhaps take a break from certain foods.The sources I read said they were still discovering the exact mechanism in the body that triggers acne breakouts. For me (because I'm acne prone) I breakout the day after dairy and continue for several weeks afterwards. However a breakout could be as much as three days after a trigger and last a couple months.


You know accessories are a little like cheating. They can take everything up a notch, a pretty headband on a little girl, big sunglasses on toddlers, a nice hat or beautiful necklace are always a good idea.


The baby of the family should wear something color, pattern or texture different than his or her parents. Otherwise than get lost :)


Limit your palette to two or three colors. If you're not sure what colors to pick try looking around your house or in your closet for your favorites. If you're wanting to coordinate a large group try shopping at the same store, they're already pre-coordinated with accessories.


Clean and groomed :) We'll undoubtedly be shoeless.

For the Men

Each gentleman should look a little different. try switching things up with

different length sleeves -short sleeves, rolled long sleeves

different style necklines -henley, crew, v-neck, collared

different lengths - shorts, rolled pants


The beach is frequently windy. Flexible hairspray and gel are your friends :)

Pulling Together Outfits

1) Start shopping in your closet

2) Get Mom's outfit together first

3) Make sure everything fits well

4) Gather all the items under consideration together and lay them side by side, if something is off you'll see it right away.


Avoid foundation with sunscreen in it, it can make you appear weirdly white in flash. Add definition to eyes and lips they fade in images. Avoid smokey eyes, they can make your eyes seem sunken.

No List

-tiny prints or tiny stripes they photograph weird

-no neon it casts unflattering colors on your skin

-no logos & minimal graphics-we want the focus on you

-no socks- we'll be shoeless


This will make your photos! Linen, lace, crochet, cotton lawn, swiss dot, poplin, patent shoes, gleaming metallic flats these details are the things that push your image to the next level.


I urge you to go for a more timeless clothes, hair and accessories and avoid anything super trendy. These will be heirloom quality and I want you to enjoy these images in the future as much as you do today.


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