Sunset or Sunrise

Why does this matter?

1- people are either leaving because its later or haven't arrived yet

2- It's flattering light, think about having the best filter in the universe

3- Beaches have lots of glare light bounces off water and white sand and there's often little to no shade. It can get hot and sweaty fast. 

4- With the time change our 6am if the mainlands 9am

5- It's a pleasant almost magical experience to be at the beach at this time.



Check online booking for availability and grab the session length, day and approximate time that looks best for you. Payment isn't due until after session. I'll email location suggestions once I know a little more about you. Know that the time will need to be adjusted to get you the best light. The sun rises later in winter and sets later in summer.

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Every session starts with ten minutes to meet and greet. All session are a celebration of you, your life and your loved ones. It is my hope that you can relax, soak in the beauty, and enjoy each other.

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I've organized what's most popular into groups for your convenience. I invoice through email after session and accept all major debit and credit cards. I also accept venmo and cash if you prefer. Taxes are included into the price shown.

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I like to make two to three suggestions based on your priorities. Then together we work out the best place for you and yours. Once settled I will send the location address aand map pictures with the parking location circled.

Payment & Image Delivery

I send an invoice after the session to your preferred email. I give ten days to pay. I accept all major credit and debit cards. Three to four weeks after our session and after your invoice has been paid, I will email the link to your online gallery. 

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  Hear from others like you. What am I like what's it like to work with me. I strive to make this easy convenient, fun while optimizing our chances for the most awesome images ever.

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Every family gets a styling guide full of hints and tips. Pictures and questions are always welcome. I also have accessories like a children's tepee for little and picture friendly umbrella, blankets and flower crowns. let me know if your interested in any of these.

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Share & Enjoy

Your personal online gallery can be shared to social media so family and friends can be included. The gallery will be on the website for two months. You may order heritage quality prints and canvases from the gallery. 

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